Dave Hughes Says It As It Ought To Be!!

Here is Dave's recently published letter to the editor in the Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph.

"A lengthy article in the New York Times - by former Gazette reporter Dave Philipps - detailed the objections being raised by some parents and doctors over the requirement that all plebes at all three military academies engage in boxing other cadets as part of their training.

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Laurie Eek's Great Summary of Our 65th Reunion - With Photos, of Course!

The Class of 1950 has always done things in a big way, like building a golf course by hand or funding a visiting Professor in academics, a “big bang” sort of group.  We knew our numbers for the reunion would be lower than in the past.  We expected about 60 classmates and about 13 widows but where did this crowd come from?  Many of us had brought kids or grandkids – it was going to be a wonderful party!!!

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Dave Hughes' Letter to Bill DeGraf

One more area where '50 had an impact. From Dave Hughes:

My pioneering history with technology never ends. I am being interviewed for a 1 hour PBS program on Hedy Lamarr - whose stunning beauty I am sure many classmates remember - as a serious Inventor - and not just as a 40's pretty face. 

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More Ramos Room Dedication News

One of the important events at our 65th Reunion, most of us could not attend. It took place at the Hotel Thayer just as we were signing in at the Hilton. It was the dedication of a room at the Thayer in honor of Eddie. The details are below.

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Some Thoughts on the Class of 1950

At the Class Meeting for the 65th Reunion I wanted to show how well the class has done over the years. 

Here is a list of some of the accomplishments of the Class of 1950: 
Rhodes Scholar - 1 
West Point Professors - 3 
Superintendent, USAFA - 1 

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Class of 1950 Sixty-fifth Reunion

Here's another great poem from John Vanston, this time about our reunion.

Every five years our Class gathers,

            To celebrate days of yore;

To meet with friends and classmates

            And remember what went before.

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Thayer Room Dedicated to President Ramos ’50

Former Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos became the latest West Point alumnus to be honored with a room dedicated to his name at the Thayer Hotel in West Point, N.Y. on May 17th, 2015. Ramos said, “Here is an honor, not just for me, but for our country, because not everybody is given this honor, and we are not last here in the US Military Academy Class of 1950”

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Class Notes - May 2015

I know I am late with the notes this time, but your whole Board of Governors has been very busy organizing and preparing for the 65th Reunion. The DC bus leaves at 0930 tomorrow to join with the others at Wood Cliff Hilton and a busy three days. 

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Class of 1950 Story

For, our 65th reunion, our classmate John Vanston has written a wonderful tribute to the Class of 1950. 


We arrived in Nineteen Forty-Six

          On the first Tuesday in July.

We didn’t know what lay ahead,

            But we decided to give the trip a try.

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Seeking Information on Charles K. Farabaugh

We recently received an email from a relative of Charles Farabaugh. Tim Brennan, Charles Farabaugh's nephew, is looking to know more about his uncle. If you have anything to share with Tim, please email him at TM6Brennan@verizon.net

He wrote: My uncle, my mother's brother, Charles Farabaugh, was killed in Korea and awarded the Distinguished Service Cross. There is a stained glass window light which bears his name and references his award in the Catholic chapel at West Point. I would like to know more about him. My father, Col Herbert O. Brennan, Class of '47, married Mary Farabaugh, Chuck's sister. Dad was a TAC officer in the early 50s and was MIA as an F-4 pilot in Vietnam. My grandfather, Charles L. Farabaugh and grandmother Marie lived in Cornwall and would host cadets on weekends. Any leads would be much appreciated.