Current Class Officers

President                                      John M. Murphy            
Vice-President                             David H. Cameron, elected by Class, 1965

Original Class Officers

Elected during cadet years. As per the revised Class Constitution adopted at the 35th Reunion, Permanent Class Officers, upon their demise, will not be replaced.

President                                     John M. Murphy

Vice-President                            Peter H. Monfore -- KIA 19 Sept. '51
                                                     George F. Vlisides, elected by Class, 1955; -- KIA 27 Jan. '65
                                                     David H. Cameron, elected by Class, 1965
Secretary                                    William E. Read - Died 4 Mar. 2009    
Treasurer                                    Ernest C. Thomas -- Died 27 Dec. 1983                     
Historian                                     James R. Pierce, Jr. -- KIA 16 June '52
                                                    Louis V. Genuario, elected by Class, 1955 -- Died 10 Jan. 2004
Athletic Representative           Edmund J. Boyle - Died 15 Jul. 2002

Board of Governors 

As per the revised Constitution, elected at Reunions of 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, 2010

Chairman                            William B. DeGraf
Vice-Chairman                   Kenneth L. Moll
Recorder                             Laurie Eek
Bursar                                 Winfred G. Skelton

Tasks for the Class of 1950

For the period 2015 to 2020
24 May 2016

- Maintain an accurate roster of living classmates and widows, including address, phone, and email

- Maintain a listing of the names and dates of death of classmates, wives, and widows

- Publish an annual letter to the Class together with an up to date roster of those still alive

- Publish a local VA/DC roster

- Notify the Class of any deaths of classmates, wives, or widows

- Send condolence letters as appropriate

- Oversee the Class Project at West Point

- Write a Class Notes once or twice a year with Class news

- Assist in the preparation of obituaries, including TAPS

- Oversee/support activities that are relevant to the Class

- Encourage local Class activities

- Represent the Class at various functions, both at West Point and locally

- Support West Point and its cadets

- Publicize the Class and its accomplishments

- Prepare for the 70th Reunion