December 2004 Class Column

Col. William B. DeGraf   
December 2004

Planning for the 55th is going well. We should have a nice group and lots to do. If you have not yet made your reservations, time is growing very short, since this column should arrive only a few weeks before the reunion. Contact Win Skelton NOW. 

For Veterans’ Day the Dillon, SC paper ran an interesting article on three generations of soldiers, starting with a Confederate Cavalryman, then his nephew from WWII, whose son was Joe Griffin. Nice pictures of all three. Joe, by the way, reports that he is slowing down but still very busy, mostly taking pills. 

Got a report from Spike Wood that HI is still lovely, particularly Kauai. One high point was whale watching as they came south to calve. 

Most of those who were at the 50th will remember that Al Fern had his daughter Charlene as his escort. “Charlie” married Brian Moore on 23 Oct in Austin, TX. Al is the one with the big smile and the tux. To Al’s right is John DiGrazia. To his left are  Chuck Graham and Ken Moll. Quite a handsome group.

Back home in Sun City, TX Chuck was host for a party to welcomeChuck Watters, gathering in a group of classmates and wives. The picture shows L-to-R Ray Barry, Chuck Graham, Deck Weight, Jack Roehm, Bennie Davis, and Chuck Watters. The following day John & Angela Vanston were the hosts joined by Priscilla Nicholson, Don & Ann Smith, Dick & Marie Drury, Chuck & Alice Graham, and the guest of honor again Chuck Watters. He is doing well and enjoys his new life in SC. 

Not to be left out CA had a couple of parties also. Dick & TrevaRein had a chance to visit with Dick’s roommate Chuck Friedlander and his wife Diane. The picture was taken in Chuck’s Space Den with Treva on his right and Diane on Dick’s right.
The Class of ‘50 had a table at the West Point Society of Monterey Bay Army/Navy party. Most of the time was spent talking, I am told. Drew Rutherford supplied a picture of the group with Al &Nari Scholl on the left and Kay Rutherford, Bunty McFarland, and Drew on the right. Andy McFarland was “busy” when the picture was taken. 

A new addition to the ranks of great grandparents are Dave & BevMonihan, when Alexander Haupt arrived on 10 Aug. The proud pair had a visit in Nov from their daughter Colene Lewis (on the right), granddaughter Heather Haupt. Alex is on Bev’s lap.

This is the Christmas card season and we are lucky to get many from classmates all over. Unfortunately I have only limited space so some will appear in this column and some in the next, but we thank all of you and welcome all the news. 

Skip & Sally Scott - Enjoying skiing in Steamboat Springs, CO.Will have 22 grandchildren by May, which keeps them busy. 

Bob & Sheila Ehrlich - Had several enjoyable trips, including a ten day cruise of Canada with the Buccolos and Jane Fox. Bob still consults on litigation, but they have time for two or three shows a week in NYC. 

Cloyce & Joan Mangas - Son Tom is still in Turkey and seeing Europe in style. Lee, Dave and Ron were home for Thanksgiving. 

Fran Pick Dillard & Bill - In addition to enjoying a half dozen grandkids, they had the thrill of celebrating the 100th birthday ofAndy Picks mother in the home where she was born and still lives. A three week tour of Europe and then the Auburn football season has kept them moving. 

Gladys Maladowitz - While the hurricanes hit hard, she managed to host lots of family, following numerous tennis matches, get to Boston for Thanksgiving and enjoy Christmas at home with friends.

Al & Bettie Crawford - In addition to gathering most of the family at Kiawah Island, SC they spent considerable time in their summer home on Rainbow Lake, this year without fires. Al’s mother is now 103 and going strong. 

Joy Viskochil - Missed both hurricanes, thank goodness. Still golfing, biking, and birding plus lots of trips. She reports that more classmates are moving into IRCC. 

Bob & Martha Morrison - Spent Sept. in AK with Jack and family. Jack and Bob did not do well with hunting big game, but Bob does well in keeping the freezer at home filled with deer and turkey. 

Volney & Janice Warner - Son Jim, a BG, left Afghanistan to take over C&GSC. Son-in-law Keith Walker is C/S of the 1st Cav. Div. Two granddaughtersLaura Walker and Valerie Warner, are awaiting orders to Iraq, while Brian Walker is a 1st Classman at WP and Duncan Walker a plebe. Hannah Warner is leaning toward Annapolis. 

Hank Singleton - Loss of Phyll is tough but he has been busy with the two farms and several trips. Plans to sell the VA farm. 

Mary Hardin Morrissey - She has been supporting one of her grandsons who is working on being a tennis player, even going to Utah to see him play. She also had a grand time when UNLV gave a concert called “A Night at the Circus.” With Georges love of the circus and of music she was thrilled when the concert was dedicated to George’s memory.

Bob & Alma Hoisington - Still enjoying Huntsville, AL. Report that the count of grandkids and great-grandkids is now 26. 

Bess Banister - Had Thanksgiving with much of the family in CA with a nice gathering. For Christmas the family came to her: four siblings, five grandchildren and two husbands. Quite a house full. 

Phyllis Johnson - Went to West Point with her daughter and Air Force son-in-law to see the Army/Air Force game. Fun to be there, but there wasn’t much time to sight see. Christmas was spent in Tucson. 

Shirley Thomas - Had fun visiting family all over, including one high school graduation , one Eagle Scout Badge presentation, and one Army retirement. Flew up to visit Roy & Betty Easley in time to make the class party at Dick & Jacque Trefry’s.

No more space for Christmas notes. More next column.

Most unfortunately Terry & Joan Parsons daughter Dawn died 9 Nov. in Melbourne, FL. I understand Terry & Joan may move back to the DC area, but in the meantime you can write them at 1730 Independence Ave, Melbourne, FL 32940-6846. 

Here in Northern VA Roy Clark died of complications of his cancer treatment on 18 Nov. While he did not graduate with us, he was the head of the Ring Committee that designed our class crest and with wife Joan has been active in class affairs for years. In addition to Joan, he is survived by two sons: Roy, Jr., and Bruce. Joan lives at 4105 N. Ridgeview Rd, Arlington, VA 22207. 

Our sympathies go out to both these families.

Dont forget the 55th coming in May!