July 2013 Class Notes

Col. William B. DeGraf

The Class of 2013 has graduated. Where did the years go?

The celebration took place at the Two Rivers Club. The guest speaker was LTG Keith Walker '76, the son-in-law of Volney & Janice Warner. The Warner's daughter Valerie also was part of the group. Enjoying the super evening were Walt & Shirley Adams, Bob & Peg Wilson, Al & Betty Paulger, and Clyde & Mary Spence. Clyde reminded me that he and Volney had side-by-side desks in MT&G '60-'63 and played handball most days during lunch.

Dick Steuart sparked the get together. He gathered and displayed mementos of class activities over the years. Hooper Adams made the arrangements, while Ben Lewis handled the computer needs and was the photographer. He sent a lot of photos, but I will only use a few of them, or else these notes would run into the next one. Some 38 attended, so it was quite a crowd.


The party was a fund raiser for Honor Flights, which send WWII vets to DC to see the WWII Memorial. The theme was Prom Night, so Larry & Betty Wray Lodewick went formal, as you can see from this picture. Larry even sprung for an orchid corsage.

Larry & Betty Wray Lodewick 

Emmett & Rowland Lee hosted a dinner at the Tampa Yacht and Country Club in April. The honored guests were Tillie Smithers and Chuck Watters. The other guests were Dick & Ruth Newton.

Emmett & Rowland Lee with Tillie Smithers, Chuck Watters, and Dick & Ruth Newton.

For Karin's birthday Jim Thompson arranged for one of their items on the list: a cruise to the Antarctic. Although it was colder at their home in Boise (-1 degree F) than on the cruise ship (+30), they enjoyed seeing lots of penguins, seals, humpback whales, seabirds, and even huge icebergs. All in all a great time!

Russ & Pris Glenn, together with their dog Gin Gin, obviously are enjoying their life in Sandy Springs. Their grandchildren are spread all over. Russell in May got his PhD in Asian and Middle East Studies from Cambridge Univ. in England, while Drew now has his Masters from the University of New South Wales, Australia. Robert is in Maine, while Jessica is in Oregon, and Nikki is at the College of Charleston.

Al & Marilyn Romaneski for many years were very active in Cadence International, a Christian mission agency that caters to military families. On Marilyn's recent death, Cadence gave her quite a nice tribute for the years of hard work she put in for them.

You may not know that Al serves as a chaplain at Reagan National Airport in DC, where he has had a lot of interesting and useful tasks.

Scottie Kerta-Wilson, daughter of Gail & Ardath Wilson, recently ran a 26.2 marathon, including a two mile walk with Ben's Brigade. Ben was in the Cabanatuan POW Camp in the Philippines with Scottie's grandfather. The run was to honor the POWs in that camp during WWII.

Not playing much golf these days, but Mark & Gloria Jones still enjoy their home on the Kingsmill Resort golf course in Williamsburg. You can tell by their happy smiles, while they enjoy their back porch.

For several years Jeff Jones, son of John & Eileen Jones, has been the right seat pilot for Air Force One. He recently retired from the Air Force. His last flight was the return of President Obama from Israel. Jeff made his last landing at Andrews. He was summoned by the President, presented with a coin and told it was the best landing the President had ever experienced. Jeff had the second highest number of flight hours (some 8500) in the Air Force, surpassed only by his boss on AF-1. By the way his wife Maggie is an AF nurse, just promoted below the zone to O-6.


I am sure most of you have seen the recent award of the Medal of Honor to Father Emil Kapaun, who died in a POW camp in Korea. One of the key players in getting the award was Mike Dowe, who credits the Father with saving his life in the camp. Mike and Paul were among those who attended the ceremony at The White House. The picture with Virginia & Paul on your left and Barbara & Mike on your right was taken in the East Room just before the ceremony.


First a couple of earlier deaths.

Bob Leary's widow Joan died on 13 Nov 2011 in MA. She is survived by two sons: Mark and Michael, and two daughters: Sarah and Robin.

Don Shreve's widow Peg died 27 Oct 2012 in WY. She is survived by two daughters: Donna and Jennifer, and two sons: Jay and Don, Jr.

Now to 2013.

Charles (Chuck) Tonningsen died 27 Feb in the Veterans' Home in Retsil, WA. He is survived by a son Eric and two daughters: Karen and Tara.

Marty Kammerer died 17 March. He is survived by his wife Catherine and a son Marty Jr. Catherine lives in Renton, WA.

Theda Tankersley, Will Hill's wife, died on 28 March in Montgomery, AL. She is survived by Will Hill, a daughter Theda, and two sons: Will Hill, Jr and David.

Bill Curry died on 16 April in Williamsburg, VA. He is survived by his wife Bettie, a son William III, and a daughter Linda.

Jim Stuff's wife Patricia died on 18 April in Rome. GA. She is survived by Jim, two sons and two daughters.

Bill (Elbert) Berry died 28 April in Austin, TX. He is survived by his wife Trema and two sons: Bill, Jr. and David.

Kent Cooley died 26 May in West Lake OH. He is survived by his wife Barbara, a son Chris and a daughter Barbara.

Bob Cheney died on 3 June in North Hampton, NH. He survived by his wife Eugenia and three sons: Bob, Jr., Chuck, and Owen.

Ray Singer died here at The Fairfax on 4 June. He is survived by his wife Peggy, two sons: Ray, Jr. and Richard, and two daughters: Ann and Elizabeth.

We all send our sympathies to these families.

Be sure to send me any news of interest, so I can put it into the next Class Notes.

Enjoy the summer.