February 2001 Class Column

Col. William B. DeGraf
26 February 2001

We have a couple of new honors for Classmates. First Charlie Gabriel has been selected as one of five to be recognized as a Distinguished Graduate this year. Dick Leavitt spearheaded the effort for the Class, highlighting not only Charlie’s accomplishments as AF C/S but also all that he did in his other assignments and after retirement.

  Second was the naming of the new Electronic Proving Ground building at Ft. Huachuca for Grady Banister. Grady served there as a company commander and operations officer and then returned there in 1978 as a civilian employee to be Technical Director. His imagination, technical background and initiative greatly improved the capabilities of EPG, but even after retirement he was very active both at the Fort and in Sierra Vista. Al Crawford was to be the guest speaker for the dedication, but flu intervened. Grady’s widow Bess spoke. The picture (P6) shows most of the Bannister family. L-to-R are Grady III, Michael, Mary Banister Hosmer,Bess, John, and Deb(named for Mrs. Barth, the Cadet Hostess). Unfortunately Cathy and Mark missed the photo.

  The Class web page continues to grow. Larry Jackley has been working with Sandy Sanderson and Lou Genuario’s grandson Jason Hart on developing the page. Classmates with photos - old or new - can have them displayed on our web page for all so see. Recent events, historical pictures, etc. can be enjoyed by all. We have unlimited space, so send photos by regular mail to Sandy at 5053 Gadwall Circle, Stockton, CA 95207 or e-mail to sandy82@gotnet.net as an attachment. JPEG format is preferred by not necessary. I try to send those pictures for which I do not have column space out to Sandy for posting. By the way, I cannot use printed photos nor have I found digital ones satisfactory, since there are many requirements. You can find the page through the AOG page.

  Many of you will remember Al Fern’s very personable daughter Charlene (or Charlie) at the 50th. On 1 Feb she reported to the White House to become the principal speech writer for Laura Bush. Al must be very pleased.

  Great picture (P1) of Joe & Mary Pharr Love with daughter Robin and her two, Caroline and Reily, taken last fall on the Regal Princess on its way to Alaska.

  While in Manila visiting family Chuck & Betty Newcomb met several times with Eddie & Ming Ramos. Got several pictures including the one here (P2) with Newcombs on left and Ramoses on right.

  The Army/Navy game had a ‘50 cheering section in FL and they thoughtfully sent along a photo (P4). Looking L-to-R we see Borden Wilson, then her mother Ardath (with Dick Newtonlooking between them), then Carol Heit, Ruth Newton, Lois & Bill Slavins, Rowland & Emmett Lee, and Stud Heit. Guess they should have cheered a little louder.

  In December Seymour & Eiko Fishbein took a trip to her homeland Japan, spending a week in Tokyo and then going to China. The picture (P5) shows them at the Great Wall, but they found more interesting the large “flea market” in Beijing. Eiko said “now I know why they call it a flea market.”

  Charlie Tonningsen is very busy with his good works in Seattle. He has been active in foodbank support work with his church and has been pushing recycling. In fact his latest letter to us was typed on a Hallmark envelop he had opened out. He also got an unusual Christmas present from his daughter Karen: a box of old photos and even some poems by his grandmother.

  Looks like Hank & Phyll Singleton took time off from riding between Amherst, VA and Asheville, NC  homes to go skiing in CO, including a couple of days with Paul & Joan Ingram. Sounds delightful!

I still have a stack of Christmas cards to summarize, so guess I had best get to it.

Norris & Jane Harrell - Came back from a trip to Kanii, HI in time to go to Wright-Patt to promote daughter Becky to Colonel. Then it was family reunions in KY and IN and a cruise to Barbados from Barcelona.

Tom& Bonnie Sharp - Life has a sameness but a busy one. Golf, bridge, gourmet groups, work, church, travel, and music all seem to work out. The Dana Sharp Memorial Music Fund still does great things.

Jim & Karin Thompson - December in Europe with a nostalgic visit to Bavaria and Austria; time in London with Chris, Dicky and the two grandkids; then to Naples for a NATO revisit and time with Bob & Rita White.

Briggs & Betty Jones - Added a new grandson, Brooks Alston Schmidt, in Mar. when daughter Cathy delivered him in Richmond, VA. All the family, including the new one, gathered at Hilton Head, SC in July and again for Thanksgiving at home. Christmas was with son Howard and family in NY.

Arch & Jeanne Wood - Enjoying their new home in Prescott, AZ. Lisa & Gil visited in Prescott. The Woodses saw James and family while east for the reunion. Jeanne went to Scotland to see Colin, Karen and granddaughter Joanna. Colin finished at Heriot-Watt Univ. and now works in London.

Jack & Bev Mackmull - Celebrated the 50th anniversary in HI with their kids. Son Jack is with Deloit and Touche. Steve is involved with nuclear waste for Savannah River Plant, while Kim’s husband Harry is in charge of recovering remains from SE Asia. He also had some responsibility for Clinton’s VN visit.

Bennie & Pat Davis - Really enjoying Sun City with its golf and fitness center. With Jim’s family in Austin, TX and Tom’s in San Antonio, they see the children frequently.

Phil & Lorel Bolte - Been a traveling year: Venezuela in March, West Point in May, VA for Easter, PA for a 55th reunion at Hill School, and San Angelo, TX for a Cavalry Assoc. meeting in Sept. SAIC transferred son Chris to Marietta, GA, only a couple of hours away.

Kelly & Betty Jane Veley - The big event was in June, when family and friends gathered in PA to surprise the Veleys for their 50th. Lots of pictures and decorations to remember various assignments. Also lots of talk and then a trip to HI from the kids. By the way Rick is flying 777s for Delta and Craig for American.

Gladys Maladowitz  - Had a busy year with kids and grandkids, including having over a dozen in August to enjoy the beach and the pool; she has finally given up golf. That lobster she had at Christmas sounds good.

Reg & Sally Lombard - “Roughing” it in a seaside cottage while their new one is built nearby. In June had a delightful 15 days in Lombardy, chasing down Lombard history and enjoying the lovely area.

Ed & Joan Quinn - Still very busy with Church activities and family visits. Following a trip to New England went to Key Largo with some of the family. While there old roommate Herb Liechtydrove down for a visit.

Sandy & JoAnne Brown - Had a wonderful 50th anniversary in August with 150 friends plus lots of family to fill the yard and share the tasty food.

Jim & Patti Kelly - Had a family reunion complete with special tee shirts at Myrtle Beach, SC in July with almost all of the family there. Then on 30 August added grandchild #12: Audrey Rowland Kelly to son Patrick and wife Kathy-Line right there in Charlotte, NC.

Tom & Macon Austin - July saw two weeks at Duck, NC, the first with Macon’s family totaling 11 and the second with Tom’s totaling 21. Oct celebrated their sixth anniversary at the Navy Lodge in Annapolis. Thanksgiving and Christmas brought lots of time with lots of kids around the area.

Russ & Pris Glenn - Took an early anniversary trip to Australia and New Zealand, including a month of sailing around the area. Even saw the America Cup Race. Not having enough sea time the entire family joined them on a weeks cruise in the Caribbean with a renewal of wedding vows.

Dave & Carolyn Cameron - Some 28 family members gathered in Hamilton, MA for a Thanksgiving  reunion and lots of eating, even a pie baking contest. Now it is off to the fitness center to get back in shape.

  On the sad side Jack Barnet lost his wife Olga to cancer in Bennington, VT on Christmas Eve. In addition to Jack she is survived by three sons: John III of White Plains, NY; Peter of Arlington, VA; and Nicholas of Raleigh, NC; and a daughter Maria Verde of Cambridge, NY. Jack’s address is Box 502,Cambridge, NY 12816.

  On 13 Feb. Tom Hughes died of pneumonia in Ashland, VA after a long bout with heart problems. He was buried with military honors in Ashland and is survived by two daughters: Stacey Hughes Williams and Jane Hughes Euler. Stacey’s address is 20627 Hiddengrove Ct., Ashburn, VA 20147. Our sympathies go to both families.

  That’s it for this issue. Thanks for all the cards and letters.