Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Governors

USMA Class of 1950
Community Center, The Fairfax
9140 Belvoir Woods Pkwy.
Ft. Belvoir, VA 22060

16 June 2016

William B. DeGraf, Chairman
Peter Abbruzzese
Lauris Eek Jr
Jim Irons
Roy Lounsbury
Nicole Maxwell
Wendell Phillips
Joan Scandling-Pimentel
Leo Romaneski
Jack Wagner

The chairman convened the meeting at about 11:55 hours.

1. Bill opened the meeting with remarks on what the class has done and will continue to do. A copy is in enclosure 1.

2. The BOG was reorganized after Win Skelton moved back south. Roy Lounsbury was appointed as Vice-Chair and Sandy Sanderson was added as a Communications Specialist, working on the Class Web Page and other projects. And it was noted that those now with access to the Class Account include Bill, Roy, and Joan.

3. The BOG reviewed the task list which Bill had previously furnished. Three class members are currently watching the statistics. Robin DeGraf is watching widows, wives, etc, and Jack Wagner and Joe Buccolo are watching the class members. We are urged to send good items to Sandy for inclusion in the Web Page and encourage others to use the Site. Leo will work on Obits. We are behind other classes. The major BOG activity will be to “observe and support activities relevant to the class.” Get the word out! The BOG also approved the list as a guide for our activities.

4. It appears there is no listing or Memorial to the class losses in the Korean War anywhere here in the USA. Then Paul Ache found a Memorial to the losses in that war was being established at the old Presidio in San Francisco. He managed to get prepared and approved a plaque to the class and our losses in the display there. It cost a bit and we must try to cover that loss to Paul. The whole project was approved by the BOG and plans made to ask members of the class to contribute. Any funds contributed over the $10,000 needed will continue to serve the Foundation doing the whole memorial. It should be noted that funds sent to the Foundation are tax-deductible to the donor! The BOG also made the support of the Memorial an item to be added to our BOG Task List.

5. The preparation of our 70th Class Reunion will be less demanding than in the past because a lot of the preparation will be done by the AOG. We plan to base at the Thayer Hotel but will probably need more space at local hotels. And we still plan a bus from the DC region to West Point.

6. Future BOG meetings may be fewer than in the past. Plan on the next in the Dec to Feb timeframe.

7. For contingency planning let Bill or others know who could and might be willing to take over your job on the BOG.

Meeting adjourned about 13:00 hours.

Respectfully submitted,
Lauris M Eek, Jr, Recorder

Things We Have Done Over The Years
Tasks for the Class of 1950 (Revised)

Approved-William B. DeGraf, Chairman