Tasks for the Class of 1950

For the period 2015 to 2020

- Maintain an accurate roster of living classmates and widows, including address, phone, and email

- Maintain a listing of the names and dates of death of classmates, wives, and widows

- Publish an annual letter to the Class together with an up to date roster of those still alive

- Publish a local VA/DC roster

- Notify the Class of any deaths of classmates, wives, or widows

- Send condolence letters as appropriate

- Oversee the Class Project at West Point

- Write a Class Notes once or twice a year with Class news

- Assist in the preparation of obituaries, including TAPS

- Oversee/support activities that are relevant to the Class

- Encourage local Class activities

- Represent the Class at various functions, both at West Point and locally

- Support West Point and its cadets

- Publicize the Class and its accomplishments

- Prepare for the 70 th Reunion