Articles of Governance for the USMA Class of 1950

After nearly 50 years the Class has approved a new governing document to replace the one which was approved at our 50th Reunion. It reflects the fact that we have lost more than 500 of our classmates and our Class activities are greatly reduced. It provides for the governance until such time as the remaining Class members elect to dissolve the document.

A new Executive Board is being formed, replacing the Board of Governors that has done the Class business for the past 50 years.

The new Articles of Governance can be downloaded here or viewed below.

6 November 2018

NAME: The USMA Class of 1950

PURPOSE: These Articles describe the Class of 1950 governing organization and the duties it is to perform on behalf of the Class. In fulfilling its responsibilities, the governing organization shall act in such a manner as to maintain and foster Class unity and support West Point, the Corps of Cadets, and the Association of Graduates.

MEMBERSHIP: All graduates of the Class of 1950, former cadets of the Class who are officially recorded as such by the  Association of Graduates, and the Class widows who so wish.

EXECUTIVE BOARD: A Board shall be established consisting of a Chairman, a Vice Chairman, and such other members as the Chairman appoints. Members shall serve at the pleasure of the Chairman. In the event the Chairman is unable to serve, he shall be succeeded by the Vice Chairman who will appoint his successor.

ELECTIONS: The initial occupants of the positions of Chairman and Vice Chairman shall be the same persons as were serving in those positions on the Board of Governors at the time of dissolution of that Board.. An election to these positions shall occur only at the 2070 Reunion and shall be in response to nominations from the floor.

MEETINGS: The Executive Board shall meet at least once each calendar year. It is understood that much of the work for the Class can be done by electronic communication means and therefore reduces the need for assembling Board members. It is the responsibility of the Chairman to determine the means of convening the Board. A Class meeting shall be held at West Point at the time of its 70th and any subsequent Reunions at which meetings the Chairman shall report to the Class on the Board's stewardship.

TASKS: The Board is responsible to make provisions for the accomplishment of the tasks listed below:

  1. Using the support of the Association of Graduates, plan and conduct the 70th Reunion of the Class.

  2. Prepare and publish an annual letter to the Class including therewith an Annual Class Roster.

  3. Maintain an accurate roster of living classmates and widows including home addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses.

  4. Maintain a listing of  the names and dates of death of classmates, wives, and widows.

  5. Notify the Class of deaths of classmates, wives, and widows.

  6. Send condolence letters as appropriate.

  7. Maintain a Class web site.

  8. Oversee the Endowed Chair in Advanced Technology.

  9. Support and encourage the writing of Memorial articles for deceased classmates for TAPS and the Class web site.

  10. Represent the Class at functions as deemed appropriate.            

CLASS FUNDS: The Board will assume the fiduciary obligations attendant to the management of Class funds and any gifts and bequests tendered to the Class. At such time as the Board shall determine that the maintenance of Class Funds is no longer feasible, the balance of the funds shall be transferred to the Association of Graduates, USMA.

DISSOLUTION: The Class governing organization, described herein, and these Articles of Governance shall be dissolved upon

  1. Reduction of Class membership below five graduated members, or

  2. A mail-in vote, solicited by the Executive Board, that results in a majority affirmative vote by those responding within 30 days, or  

  3. An affirmative vote by a majority of classmates in attendance at a Class Reunion.