Class Minutes: 70th Reunion - May 2020

There are 289 day til our 70th Reunion begins, and we renew old ties, see old friends, and honor the Academy for its inculcation of "Duty, Honor, Country" in all of us, and for preparing us to serve this great nation!

The celebration of our 70th Reunion will take place 17-20 May 2020, and we hope to see all classmates and their families there to pass on the legacy that our class has embraced so successfully. It is recognized that age has touched us all and helped many of us to make friends with canes, crutches, walkers, and wheel chairs, but we can rejoice in taking one more step than we once thought possible. Life marches on-and so must we.

To facilitate our reunion, the AOG will do all the detailed coordination and planning necessary, starting early next year. We will have a coordinating committee to work out details with the AOG. We have 40 rooms reserved for our class at the Thayer, and buses and cadet aides will be provided to take us to all events. We would like to gather data on expected attendance to assist us in anticipating and planning details once the coordinating begins.

It is recognized that plans for actual attendance will not be firm until next year, but place the dates on your calendar, invite your family members NOW, and prepare to get on board!

As requested in our June class letter, let Clyde Spence, our Reunion Chairman, know of your tentative plans regarding attendance. So far, we have 81 planning to attend (but, only 40 have responded!)

Go '50-70