David A. Campbell

NO. 17906  •  14 Feb 1928 - 25 Jun 1978

Died in Indianapolis, IN
Inurned in All Saints Episcopal Church Cemetery, Indianapolis, IN

After graduating from West Point, David Anderson Campbell and I were not likely to cross paths during our careers. He had donned Air Force blue, and I Army green. But our paths did cross, and I am honored to write this memorial. David, a native of San Rafael, CA, was born to Mr. and Mrs. James CampbelL He was appointed to the Military Academy by Representative Clarence F. Lea from the First Congressional District of California, and joined the Class of 1950. Before entering the Academy, Dave had served in the Army from January to June 1946.

As a cadet, he belonged to the Portuguese Club, sang in the Cadet Chapel Choir, and participated in the 100th Nite Show. Assigned to Company M-2, he volunteered to be the company clerk, but in a company of flankers, the duty could not have been too taxing. During summer training as a yearling at Camp Buckner, he was in 9th Company, noted for its collection of class wits. Dave recalled his cadet years as "rather quiet." His company mates described him as an unflappable, agreeable cadet with a sense of humor.

Dave chose the Air Force and, after graduation, entered pilot training at Connally AFB, TX, but did not complete the training because he did not meet the vision requirements. He went on to serve as the supply officer for the 84th Fighter Squadron at Hamilton AFB, CA, from 1951 to 1953, and then he was posted to Korea with the 58th Motor Vehicle Squadron.

In 1951, Dave married Shirley Ross while he was stationed at Hamilton AFB, CA. They had six children: James Ross and Bruce Madsen, born, respectively, at Hamilton AFB in 1952 and 1953; Catherine Anne, born in Austin, TX, in 1955; Karen Jean, adopted in Korea in 1958; Peter Scott, born at Ft. Campbell, KY, in 1960; and Amy Dawn, born in Indianapolis, IN, in 1970.

In 1954, Dave resigned from the Air Force to study at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Austin, TX. In 1957, after completing his ministry studies, he re?entered active service as a chaplain in the Army. From 1957 to 1958, he was assigned as a chaplain with the 61st Armor Battalion at Ft. Hood, TX. Later, in 1958, he was assigned to Headquarters, Division Artillery, 7th Infantry Division in Korea as the division artillery chaplain. It was during this assignment that I became closely associated with Dave Campbell. When he was detailed to the 7th Division Artillery, I commanded D Battery, 1st Battalion, 31st Artillery. My battery location was used by the division artillery to house its athletic teams in season, and I was pleasantly surprised to find Dave frequently visiting my battery, which had a large number of nonchurch-going personnel with whom to work. He organized services and a choir, and he was absolutely great in providing pastoral services, particularly to my flock. He initiated three-day religious retreats to Seoul, which were popular with the teams and the battalion. He was particularly helpful to soldiers with personal problems. Anyone who commanded in Korea in those days could attest that those problems abounded.

Dave was patient and perceptive, and he gave far more than he received. I never saw him flustered, but many times he would come into my office frustrated with the many problems he faced with the troops. I had been heavily involved with the kinds of issues with which he was dealing, so we had a mutually supportive friendship. Our paths did not cross again after I returned to the U.S., and he transferred to the Headquarters of the 2nd Battle Group of the 34th Infantry in the 7th Division. After leaving Korea, Dave was assigned to the Headquarters of the 502d Infantry in the 101st Airborne Division at Ft. Campbell, KY. He resigned his commission as a captain in 1960.

He immediately joined the Army National Guard and served with the 47th Division of the Minnesota Army National Guard. During this time, Dave was also the assistant pastor of the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Austin, MN. From 1962 to 1965, he was the pastor of the Woodland Presbyterian Church in Babbitt, MN. From 1965 to 1967, Dave was in training programs, preparing for a position as an institutional pastor. He studied at State Hospital Number One in Fulton, MO, and then at the Indiana University Medical Center in Indianapolis, IN. In 1967, he was named chaplain of the Central State Hospital in Indianapolis.

Dave never lost his interest in, nor his ties to, the military. In 1966, he transferred to the 38th Infantry Division, Indiana Army National Guard. He served as the assistant division chaplain in the grade of major. The Register of Graduates lists him as a lieutenant colonel in the Indiana Army National Guard.

Dave's first marriage ended in divorce; however, on 27 May 1978, he married Mary Lockwood Campbell. Sadly, this marriage was short-lived, as Dave died of heart problems on 25 Jun 1978. His memorial service was held two days later at St. Francis Episcopal Church, Zionsville, IN.

Recalling our days in Korea, I remember Dave as a fascinating conversationalist. It was a different Army in those days, and Dave was extraordinary. He not only met his secular obligations to the Army, but also his religious obligations. I was proud to know him as a friend and a classmate; his classmates should know that he served with great dignity and a true concern for soldiers. His family may be assured that the class remembers Dave as a devoted citizen, soldier, minister, classmate, and friend.

- Classmate Richard G. Trefry