James Frank Fooshe III

NO. 17920  •  

Died 23 November 1976 in Arlington, Virginia, aged 48 years.
Interment: West Point Cemetery, West Point, New York

KIND, CONSIDERATE, GENTLEMANLY, best describe Jim Fooshe who passed away after a valiant ten month battle with cancer. We admire his courage and his quest to deepen his spiritual strength as he prepared to return to his Heavenly Father. We cherish the memory of his great love and concern for his family, which made it so hard for those close to him to let him go.

His life was one of service with integrity. He was competitive, always striving to achieve, to excel and win, but never at the expense of someone else. He was always aware and considerate of those around him. Jim was born in Washington, D.C., graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School in 1946, and attended Bullis Prep School.

At the Academy Jim played lacrosse and excelled in all intramural athletics. He was known for his love of outdoor activities and physical fitness. Later, skiing, golf and tennis would keep him mentally and physically fit.

His service record was filled with exciting assignments and experience, including service with the 6th Infantry Regiment in Berlin, with the 351st Infantry Regiment in Trieste and a tour of duty with the "Old Guard," 3d Infantry at Fort Myers. As a result of his outstanding performance of duty, he was selected as a White House Social Aide. His open hospitality, gracious manner, and sense of propriety served him well during his service at the White House.

Following his active duty, Jim left the service in 1956 to do graduate work at American University and begin a new career in mortgage banking. At the same time, he maintained his interest and affiliation with the Army by serving in the reserves.

At Weaver Brothers Mortgage Bankers and Realtors of Washington, D.C., he became assistant vice president and key executive of the Income Properties Section. At the time of his illness, he was a real estate appraiser associated with Howard Brock Realty Company of Arlington. He was a member of the American Society of Appraisers, the Society of Real Estate Appraisers, and an associate member of the Washington Board of Realtors.

In the Reserve he attained the rank of colonel. His last assignment from 1975 until his illness and death was Military Academy Liaison Officer for the Washington, D.C. region responsible for Academy recruiting to which he was truly dedicated.

Since his marriage in 1966, Jim has had Macon at his side, sharing the good times and the bad and being a strong hand during the past months of his illness. Jim also is survived by daughter, Ann Carter, age 8, and son, James Cabell, age 6, and his sister, Mary Francis Featherstone of Rockville, Maryland.

The finest things are not ended by death. Jim lived a good life, filled with generosity and love of family and friends; his influence, his example and his principles will remain alive in his children, family and others fortunate enough to have known him.

-His Friends