James Robinson Pierce Jr.

NO. 17937  •  30 December 1925 – 16 June1 1952

Killed in action, June 16, 1952, in Korea, aged 26 years


FIRST LIEUTENANT JAMES ROBINSON PIERCE, JR. was born December 30, 1925 in Tientsin, China. He graduated from the Officers' Candidate School at Ft. Benning, Georgia, on September 27, 1945, after enlisted service from September 20, 1944. He entered the United States Military Academy on July 1, 1946, graduating on June 6, 1950 as a Second Lieutenant of Infantry. He qualified as a paratrooper at Fort Benning during the fall of 1950, subsequently joining the 11th Airborne Division at Fort Campbell, where he was stationed for a little over a year. After completion of the associate combat course at Fort Benning in December 1951, he received his promotion to First Lieutenant on December 2, and departed for overseas on January 29, 1952. There he was assigned to the 179th Infantry Regiment of the 45th Division in Korea about February 12.  After duty as a platoon leader, he became Company Commander of Compauy "L" in May 1952. He was recommended for promotion by his division commander shortly before he met his death while leading a counter‑attack against the enemy.

He married Margaret Ann Rosser, of Clarksville, Tennessee, in December 1950. To this completely happy union was born a son, James Robinson Pierce, III, on February 29, 1952.

His family and friends are intensely proud of the way he lived and the way he died. His character, faith in his fellow men, and deep religious convictions were markedly outstanding throughout his life. He died on June 16, 1952 in the finest tradition of the Army, paying the supreme sacrifice, fearlessly leading his men in the defense of their country.

-His Father