John Frances Loye, Jr.

NO. 17729  •  17 June 1927 – 29 June 1978

Died 29 June 1978 in Morrow, GA
Interred in St. Mary’s Cemetery, Lawrence, MA

John Francis Loye, Jr.'s Howitzer entry states, "Jack's radiant smile captivates all, and his love of Irish music always adds a touch of Killarney here at West Point. His bridge­playing fame is only matched by his ability to make friends. Our Irishman's sound thinking and levelheadedness, coupled with a droll sense of humor, make his opinion worth hearing." That was a good evaluation then and would be seconded by  those who met Jack later in his career. During his cadet days, his neighbors eagerly anticipated Jack’s comments after questionable proposals were made at class or company meetings. He would quickly respond with a wry comment that broke through the serious side, putting the meeting on solid ground! An intelligent and independent thinker, he demonstrated his abilities over 26 years in the Air Force and at schools of higher learning.

Born in Lawrence, MA, he went from Andover Junior High to Philips Andover Academy, graduating in May 1945. His first military experience was a year in the Navy (1945-46), during which he attended Marquette University. On 1 July 1946, he dropped from Seaman, First Class to Cadet, Fourth Class. Experienced enough to avoid most of the pitfalls of Beast Barracks and Plebe year, as an upperclassman, Jack handled the academic load and social requirements without slighting either. Renowned for skill at cards and for inducing involuntary laughter with his unofficial wit, he belonged to the Dialectic Society, the Radio Club, the Art Club, and the Spanish Club. He experimented with angle shots in the Handball Club, with weighty matters in the Weight Lifting Club, and was an acolyte at the Catholic Chapel.

Upon commissioning, Jack joined the Air Force and was an early participant in electronic warfare. During the Korean Conflict, he was awarded two Air Medals while flying 30 combat missions over Korea. Next, he went to Keesler AFB in Mississippi.

Jack married Jane A. McKallaghat on 4 Nov 1953 at St. Laurence's Church in Lawrence, MA. John Jr. was born in 1954 at Barksdale AFB, LA. Daughter Mary was born in 1956 at Griffis AFB in Upstate New York. In 1958, Jack earned an MBA and a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering from Syracuse University. From 1958-62 he was a crew member on B­52 bombers with the 45th Air Division, Loring AFB, ME. His crew was selected as a "Stanboard Crew," and participated in many bombing competitions. There, daughter Tamara Jayne joined the family.

While at Air Command and Staff School at Maxwell AFB, AL, Jack earned a master's in public administration from George Washington University. Next, Jack joined the faculty of the Air University at Maxwell as an instructor at the Squadron Officer School. Eventually an assistant department head in the Academic Instructor School, in 1968, he studied at Florida State University earning, in 1970, a doctorate in educational administration, while investigating the effects of "interactional analysis training' on teachers of adults.

Next, he went to Headquarters, Seventh Air Force, in Tan Son Nhut AB, Vietnam, where he was deputy for Project CHECO, Contemporary Historical Evaluation of Combat Operations, that documented the war as events occurred. He wrote 3 reports dealing with specific campaigns and supervised research for 25 other special reports prepared by the historical group.

Jack was Professor of Aerospace Studies and Head of the Department of Air Force Aerospace studies at Iowa State University, Ames, IA, in 1971. His department provided instruction for more than 200 students. Jack developed a special Honors seminar for University-wide application that was probably a delicate undertaking in that period of U.S. history. In 1974, Jack was Director of Curricula and Instruction at the Air University, Maxwell AFB, AL, developing curricula and instructional techniques for all professional and technical departments, covering 225 faculty members and 8,000 students.

One of his proudest moments was commissioning his son as an ensign in the U.S. Navy at Iowa State University in June 1976. Assuring his replacement in the service of the United States, Jack retired1 Oct 1976. Next, he served at Clayton State College as Head of the Business Department. Killed in an automobile accident two years after retiring from the Air Force, he was buried with full military honors after a funeral mass in the church where he and Jane were married. Funds and scholarships were contributed to the college in his memory.  His wife Jane currently resides in Riverdale, GA. Daughter Cathy resides in Raleigh, NC, managing a Stein Mart Store in the town of Cary. Daughter Tami is a corporate attorney for People Soft and lives in Norcross, GA. Son John E Loye Jr., Captain, USN, has stayed on the rolling main and is stationed in Naples, Italy, as Operations Officer, Submarine Group 8.

Jack was a devoted husband and proud father, active in civic affairs, Boy Scouts, church activities, and public speaking in all the communities in which he lived. His love for Irish music and card playing followed him throughout his life.

His absence from Class of '50 reunions is regretted by company mates and classmates to whom he has given a "good laugh" over the years. We look forward to hearing his Massachusetts accent when the Long Gray Line re-forms in the future. Jack strove diligently for truth, fairness to all concerned, goodwill, and meaningful friendships. His family has suffered a great loss, yet the memories of a loving husband and father are lodged in their hearts.

-Family and classmates