Kenneth Arnold Tackus

NO. 17837  •  20 September 1927 – 1 December 1950

Killed in Action, December 1, 1950 North Korea, aged 23 Years.


KENNETH ARNOLD TACKUS  was born on the twentieth day of September 1927 in West Hartford, Connecticut. Throughout Ken's boyhood days, he manifested two desires. One was to graduate from West Point and the other was to be of service to his country. These two aims guided his every step throughout his early life. He patterned his living and education to these ends. He was always able to see the right path to take, not only for himself, but also for any who wished to follow him. Ken was always large for his age. This worked both to his advantage and to his disadvantage. Many times he was called upon to do tasks that were much beyond his years or his experience. He always responded and did the job to the best of his ability.

By the fact that he was called upon to do these things, he gained in consideration of others. Sometimes Ken was too considerate and did not seek aid from his friends when he should have done so.

Ken's prep school days were spent at Fishburne Military School in Virginia. There he prepared himself for entrance into the United States Military Academy. He was active in all phases of society there. He was very good in athletics, he worked on the school paper, and was always on the Honor Roll for academic achievement. He could play as hard as he could work and was the life of any party.

Ken entered the United States Military Academy on the first day of July 1946. The Academy served to solidify all of his beliefs and his thoughts on a way of life. Here Ken became a man. He consolidated his past training and learning with special emphasis to honor, duty and religion. While at West Point, Ken met his wife, Dorothy Dunn. They were married at the Catholic Chapel at West Point on the seventh day of June 1950.

Unfortunately, Ken and Dotty were soon parted by his call... duty in Korea. Ken joined the 57th Field Artillery Battalion in the 7th Division. He participated in the landing at Inchon and the subsequent fight­Ing in the Chiang-Jin Reservoir area, where he was listed missing in action.

In the closing chapter of Ken's life, there is one thing that all may remember and learn well from him. That is that Ken is one who loved his fellow man. Ken walks amongst us yet, for there is a little bit of Ken in all of those who knew him and loved him. Every time we laugh or see a beautiful sunset we are doing it with Ken as he enjoyed laughter and loved beauty.

- V. R. G.