March 2014 Class Notes

Col. William B. DeGraf

They say that Spring is coming soon, but the piles of snow still on the ground say otherwise. It has been a hard winter all over this year and not much in the way of news has come along. Some of the news will be from late Christmas cards.

Bob & Martha had youngsters coming and going. Granddaughter Callie and her husband Paul with their daughter Annabel came home from Kenya because of unrest there during the election. It was just in time to have great grandson Zack arrive. Other family also used the "motel" from time to time.

Bob is still hunting deer and wild turkey when the planning commission he heads will let him go. Martha still works at the local hospital and women's club. She hopes her gardening will be more productive this year.

The NCAA Football Championship in the Rose Bowl took the full attention of Fran Pick Dillard and her husband Bill when the Auburn U. team played New Year's Day. Still they managed to get in a Christmas trip to Columbus, GA, to enjoy the holiday with Bill's new great grandson. Fran said that over 300 turned out at 0800 on Memorial Day to honor her first husband Andy PickFran also helped in the building of a new elementary school in Auburn to be named Lewis A. Pick, Jr. Elementary School.

Anne Brinkerhoff told me that there was a good sized group that welcomed in the New Year: In addition to John & Ann there were Tillie Smithers, John & Ann Streit, Dick & Jacque Trefry, and Win Skelton at the party.

Down where there was no snowEmmett & Rowland Lee hosted in February a get together at the Tampa Yacht and Country Club in honor ofTillie Smithers (she does get around) and Chuck Watters. The picture from the gathering shows, L-to-R, Chuck, Emmett & Rowland, Clark & Beverly Rogers '57, Tillie, Lynne Head (daughter of Ray & Gladys Maladowitz), and Dick Newton. Rogers is a retired three star who was Deputy CINC in Centcom during Desert Storm.

Sally Lombard now has a total of five great grandchildren: two in Atlanta and three in Maine. She spent last year writing what she calls her "Folktale Memoir." She will be glad to send you a DVD if you send her an email.

Mary Ellen Shepherd, George Lear's widow, and her friend Eddie escaped a lot of the snow this winter by spending three weeks in Hawaii and then heading to Scottsdale, AZ until Easter. Long drive back, some 2800 miles.

It was a sad occasion, the service forTom Lobe, but Jake Jacobson sent along a nice picture of the classmates attending. On left is Dee Lobe, thenRoy & Harriet Lounsbury, Jim Irons, and JakeRoy, who is a member of the Cadet Glee Club Alumni, arranged to have a group of them sing at the service.


Midge Creuziger, Don's widow, died last march in FL. She is survived by Don's children: Karen and John.

We finally got word that Phyllis Johnson, Dick Johnson's widow, died 13 February.Dick went missing in Alaska when his plane was lost in 1992.

Bill Shambora died 16 Dec in Vero Beach, FL. Bill's wife Ann died in the 1990s.

Hank Sachers died 3 January in San Antonio TX.

Bill Stewart died 11 January in Spokane, WA. His wife Donna died in 2012.

Joy Phillips, Wendy's wife, died 11 January in Northern VA.

John Barnet died 14 January in Bennington, VT. His wife Olga died in 2000.

Malcolm Ryan died 15 January in Sun City AZ. He is survived by his widow Lois.

Joyce Kuyk, Charlie's wife, died 24 January in Leavenworth, WA.

Tom Lobe died 27 January in Hot Springs, VA. He is survived by his wife Dee.

Loretta Small died 10 February and her surviving husband Marty Small died 28 February. They lived in Valencia, CA.

Linwood Mather died 24 February in Gainesville, VA. He is survived by his wife Mae.

Nels Thompson died in Falmouth, ME on 7 March. His wife Margaret died in 2009.

We all send our sympathies to these families.

We are looking forward to Easter and a warm Spring.

PLEASE send me your news.