December 2013 Class Notes

Col. William B. DeGraf

Hard to realize another Christmas has come and gone. Some of you were in deep snow, others in bright sunshine, still others in ice, but all of us look forward to another great year.

The latest AWC Foundation News had a nice article on Dick Trefry's retirement from the Board of Trustees after two decades of service to the Alumni Association of the Army War College, including being president once and vice president twice. He will still be active in serving the foundation and the college.

After a vacation at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Spike & Lynn Woods were back in their home in Rancho Mirage in time to host a Christmas function for 25 friends, mostly from Lynn's Beverly Hills days.

In August Marge Ritter Hopkins saw her grandson Christopher married to Julia Collins. More than twenty members of the families were there, coming from as far as Brussels. The bride, by the way, is a fourth year medical student at Johns Hopkins and will intern in pediatrics.

For their 60th anniversary in March Jake & Ann Jacobsongathered all their family together for the first time in ten years. Wonderful that they all were together, for Ann died in October. She was very active in a number of areas, including being on the board of Loudon Cares, a non-profit that works with the poor. She also managed to get the Jacobson home on the National Register of Historic Places.

After returning from their "bucket list" trip to Antarctica, Jim & Karin Thompson traveled south to N. Miami for a mini-family gathering, which included his son Christopher flying in from London to do a half Iron Man competition with his son; daughter Connie, recently returned from her State Dept. assignment in Pakistan; and even first wife Hazel up from Nicaragua, where she nursed in a clinic for many years.

Phil Bardos has a new web site to promote the book about our classmates, entitled Cold War The book also can be purchased from the publisher XlibrisBarnes & Noble, or Amazon.

Jane Fox and her sister Pat teamed up with Joe Buccolo on the mail boat along the Norway coast last April. They later visited Ken & Loris Ebner in NJ, where Jane got a picture of the two men. Jane's grandson Matthew lives with her, all 6 foot 3 of him.

After the service for Dick Newton's wife Ruth, he gathered in several friends and sent along a picture. In addition to Dick, far left,Emmett & Rowland LeeBill & Meredith Slavins, and Rick Cody, son of Dick & Marilyn Cody were there. Dick's son Dick III is on the far right.


Morris & Faith Herbert - Have sold their lovely place in Highland Falls and will move to Knollwood, DC in April. Hate to see them leave the West Point area, for they have done great work for the Class and for others.

Gwyn Groseclose - Her family gave her a surprise birthday party, which included daughter Nancy, her husband Jack, who is the son of Bob & Martha Morrison, and two children, all back from Nairobi, Kenya, where they are missionaries. Gwyn made Life Master in Duplicate Bridge in August. Loves the game.

Jack & Gen Hendry - Represented the class at Al Fern's funeral in San Diego, even gave a summary of Al's life as a cadet and officer. The Hendrys had two weddings, one in January in Seattle and one in October in Kansas. They revisited Ft. Leavenworth, where they were honored with a surprise party for their 60th anniversary.

Bill & Jean Waddell - Last Spring they "won" a silent auction for a few days at a Colorado ranch for fly fishing. No fish but fun. Summer brought a trip to PA with their youngest grandchild Emmett. In the Fall several of the family went on a nine day sailing cruise off the CA coast. Even had a whale come within 30 yards of the boat.

Al & Bettie Crawford - Their grandchild came to Sagewood for their "cousins" retreat, then it was off to their place in Lakeside for the summer with a side trip to Nueva Vallarta for bridge with friends. Still playing tennis and pickleball.

Tom & Bonnie Sharp - Still busy as ever with church, golf, theater, and helping others. Bonnie's high school class had a last hurrah Caribbean cruise. A wine cruise took them up the West Coast all the way to Canada. They also had five days at Yosemite with their family.

Mike & Barbara Dowe - Two big events this year. One was a trip to Rome, where they were in the crowd in St. Peter's Square for the new Pope's blessing. The other was Mike at the White House and Pentagon for the award of the Medal of Honor to Fr. Kapaun, something Mike has worked hard for. Father Kapaun saved Mike's life and many others in the Korean POW camp.

Russ & Priscilla Glenn - Their children are scattered from Australia to Maine and all are very busy. Pris still enters art shows. The family had a reunion cruise aboard the Voyager in the Baltic Sea area.

Rosalie Lange - Big news was young Wells Lange graduating from West Point last May. Ro is still painting. She enjoyed her three months in Michigan last summer, away from her home in Indianapolis.

Volney & Janice Warner - Granddaughter Valerie and her son Jay moved from Colorado Springs, CO to the house next door in McLean, VA. The Warners managed a fishing trip to Topsail and a hunting trip to South Dakota.

Sid & Jeanie Steele - All four children are busy and productive and managed to visit with Sid and Jeanie. Sid gave up his position on the local board but is still on various committees and clubs, while Jeanie counsels families in need.

Andy & Millie Byers - Their news was the award to Andy's daughter Michele of the 2013 Edmund Stiles Award for Environmental Leadership in the New Jersey Watershed. Quite an honor.


Midge Creuziger, Don's widow, died last march in FL. She is survived by Don's children: Karen and John.

Judy Bashore, Boyd's widow, died 1 June in VA. She is survived by three sons, Brian, Steve, and Charles - and two daughters, Elizabeth and Laura.

Fred Hamlin died 11 October in VA. He is survived by three daughters, Catherine, Carol, and Mary - and three sons, Andrew, Robert, and James.

Ann Jacobson died 15 October. She is survived by her husband Jake, two daughters, Marie and Gretchen, and a son Paul. Jake lives in Hamilton, VA.

Al Fern died in San Antonio, TX on 5 Nov. He is survived by three daughters: Susan, Catherine, and Charlene - and a son Paul.

Bette Griebling died 15 Nov in CO. She is survived by her husbandAl, two sons, Richard and John, and two daughters, Adele and Elizabeth. Al lives in Centennial, CO.

George Bell died 2 Dec in CA. He is survived by his wife Hannahand a daughter Bette. Hannah lives in Balboa, CA.

Ruth Newton, Dick's wife died 7 Dec in St. Petersburg, FL. In addition to Dick, she is survived by a daughter Kathy and a son Dick III. Dick lives in St. Petersburg, FL.

Bob McCutchen died 8 Dec in Peoria, IL. He is survived by his wife Valerie, three daughters, Cathy, Jean, and Nancy Lee, and a son Bob. Valerie lives in Surprize AZ 85374.

Dede King, Frank's wife, died in Hampton, VA on 12 Dec. In addition to Frank, she is survived by a daughter Carol and a son Charles. Frank can be contacted in Hampton, VA.

Our sympathies go out to all these families.

Enjoy the crisp days of winter and do send me the news of you and your family.

Here's to a wonderful 2014.