August 2007 Class Column

Col. William B. DeGraf 
August 2007

It's a beautiful sunny day here at The Fairfax, a nice day to have a visit with all of you.

Our working group, headed by Linc Faurer, sent along a rather detailed report by Gen. Kern, our incumbent Chair at West Point. He outlined the 17 session course he recently completed. Among the topics listed were Requirements of TRADOC, Nanotechnology and the Future Soldier, LEAN Six Sigma, and BioEngineering. Surely a far cry from E=IR or a session in the Juice Lab. He had 12 guest speakers plus a visit to Piccatinny Arsenal.

The Hale Koa in HI seemed a good place to get away from the rigors of winter along the East Coast. Morris & Faith Herbert were the first to arrive there in Jan. Next were Nate & Joan Gallagher along with their son and his wife from Austin, TX. Last in were Po & Patti Cornay. Must have been great fun, judging by the picture of the six of them that Nate sent. Cornays are on the left and Herberts on the right.

While I am on the subject of pictures, you should know that I do not have a printer that will do them justice, so I really need hard copies, not e-copies. Second there should be a classmate or wife in the picture to meet AOG requirements. (I occasionally have fudged on that, thanks to kind editor.) Also try to get close up, arranged groups. Informal shots rarely are good. Received a couple of notes from some Founders Day activities on the West Coast. Our contingent in San Diego was small but happy. That is Dunc Joy on the left. Then Barbara Dowe, Patty Joy, and Mike Dowe. Both couples are part-time residents of La Jolla, CA. What a tough life!

Meanwhile up in Pebble Beach, CA (another tough spot to be) June Elliot, Drew & Kay Rutherford, and Jack & Mary Lois Wheatley represented the class at the Monterey Peninsula West Point Society Founders Day. The Rutherfords have a grandson in Germany with the 1st Armored and a son-in-law who finished a tour in Iraq as a LtC only to revert to civilian status and head to Kabul, Afghanistan.

At the Founders Day dinner in Reno, NV John DiGrazia was a featured speaker, talking on the Ring Memorial Program, where graduates donate their class rings to be melted as part of the new rings for the graduating class. John gave his ring in 2006 and is shown in the photo holding an ingot made from the 12 rings donated that year.

Another part time West Coaster, Spike Wood and his wife Lynn tell me that they had dinner with Dick & Ann Leavitt and Walt Adams. The Adamses have sold their house out there and will return to the East Coast - finally!

Down FL way John & Ann Streit got the good news that their grandson Zachary Bradford (Laurie & Bruce Bradfords' second son)is entering USAFA with the class of 2011. Where have the years gone?

Ben & Malvene Lewis have been on the go. They were in NYC for a wedding, so took the time to visit Ben's office in the PO building opposite the North Tower of the Trade Center. Built in '35, it lost its windows, but still stands.

In March Ben went out to TX and caught up with several people. He reports that Beth Oliver is doing OK and that Sandy looks very fit from his work on the ranch. Troy Chambers is doing well with the help of her sister. Bill Mastoris and Jake Allen completed the group.

Another event in NYC occurred when Will Henn met with Trace Kuyk, USAFA '73, the son of Will's four year roommate Charlie Kuyk. Also present was Caitlin, Charley's granddaughter, who lives near the Henns on the Upper West Side. Word is that Charlie is skiing on 6 feet of snow near his new home in Leavenworth, WA.

Easter saw a gang gathered at the Tampa Yacht Club in FL for brunch hosted by Emmett & Rowland Lee, taking time to get this picture with Dick & Ruth Newton on the left, then Carol & Stud Heit, Sally Wilson, Howard Johns, and Rowland & Emmett.

By the way Stud Heit has written a fascinating autobiography and it sounds just like him. Entitled "One of Eight" it begins with his childhood, as one of eight and ends with Stud & Carol heading for Europe on a cruise ship with 28,000 square feet of sail to propel them.

Russ & Pris Glenn went to London for the Oxford/Cambridge boat races. Their grandson Russell, who is getting his PhD from Cambridge, is the coxwain for the lead boat and was invited to a reception by the Queen.

A letter form Lis McCauley said that they are enjoying life in Wilmington, NC but their children are scattered all over. Beth and her husband live in Madison, CT. Lucy and four year old Hanna are in Somerville, MA. Clay & Jean are in Norfolk, VA and Shane is in TX. She also reports that Ray spends a lot of time on the computer and phone.

Lyman & Sara Ann Hammond recently took off for FL, stopping at Mt. Pleasant, SC to visit with Lyman's roommate Clyde Cloar and Gladys Maladowitz, who lives nearby. Also saw Art & Barbara Blair on the trip.

In a rather poignant message Lou Hansotte told of going out to Ft. Rosecrans, near San Diego, to visit the burial site of Tootie, his wife who died a year ago. While there he also visited the new memorial to the 3rd Inf. Div. Lou, a Signal Corps officer, was a regimental communications officer for the 15th Inf. of the 3rd ID in the Korean War, a very unusual assignment. The picture shows the memorial with son Jeff beside it.

In October's column I said that we thought that Francis "Frank" Howard had died, but I had no details. I have since gotten word that he died 2 July 2004 in Virginia Beach, VA. We have no word on his wife Angie. Though we carry her in the roster, I do not believe the information is correct.

On 26 March after a long illness Roger Lind died in Missoula, MT with his wife Lynne at his side. In addition to Lynne he is survived by three sons, Roger, Jack, and James; by two daughters, Terese and Mary; and by two step-children, Ron and Mark Ries. Lynne can be reached at PO Box 589, Stevensonville, MT 59870-0589.

Our sympathies go out to both these families.

Keep the news flowing to me and keep your data up to date for our rosters. Please met me know of any errors in the rosters.