May 2007 Class Column

Col. William B. DeGraf 
May 2007

As I sit here at The Fairfax three inches of snow has just fallen to cover the countryside with a blanket of white. Still when you get this, it will be Spring, and you all should have received the annual class letter. Please be sure to send Win or me any updates or changes. Also check the roster for changes of your friends. There were a lot of moves and emails redone.

While we are in snow Ken Moll sent a report on the annual "Gloom Period" luncheon at the Sanibel Harbour Resort and Spa. Dick & Carol Steuart brought Bob Hughes from Melbourne, while Bill & Marie Claire Steinberg came from Sarasota, FL with Ros Round. Local attendees were Jack & Sarah Hurst, Ken & Marilyn Moll, Wendy & Joy Phillips, and Mort & Alyce Ray. 78 degrees, light breeze and lots of talk!

Those of you in the Frederic, MD area who read their Post may have seen a great article on the travels of Dick & Franci Wyrough. They spent six months last year in traveling the world and adding to the countries they have visited over the years. They have covered much of the planet including Europe, the Far East, South Asia,South America and Russia. Still have plans for several more trips.

Another traveler was John Begley, who recently spent a week inEngland ; took a cruise on the Baltic; spent time in Copenhagen ; and then returned for Bridge in several western cities. He has recently become the latest classmate to publish with his book The Forty Shades of Green about Ireland. Anyone interested can contact him at

At the last class lunch Ty Tandler told us about the work their daughter Anie is doing. After 25 years as Behavioral Consultant for children and adolescents, she has launched a new firm called Special Care Nannies, which “ recruits and refers nannies to families with special needs children. ” Sounds like a great service.

Philo Hutcheson followed up on his note last Fall about Barbara Merrill, Chuck Butler's daughter, who ran for governor of ME. Though little known, she still finished 3 rd, which was quite a good showing according to Philo.

A note from Jim & Patti Kelly had the news that they were great-grandparents when daughter Kate's son and his wife produced Christopher Ryan Maloney last March. Son Tom managed a few days off from the Pentagon duties for Christmas. He had returned from Iraq in March.

Mary Ellen Shepherd, George Lear's widow is on a three month plus trip covering Southwest US and Hawaii. She reports great weather and fun hiking Indian canyons, golfing, swimming and generally enjoying life.

Not far behind are Bob & Martha Morrison, back from Crested Butte, CO and they annual ski trip with Bob's brother and his wife. Snowed daily, so their could enjoy a dinner sleighride often.

My old roomie John Jones reports that he and his wife Eileen are in the “ unpacking process ” in their new place next door toGrayson & Ann Tate in their Huntsville, AL retirement community Redstone Village. They left AL in time for Christmas with their children near Atlanta, GA.

In Auburn, AL Fran Pick Dillard was overjoyed to have son Charles, along with his wife Christina and their Madeline (6) and Cary (3), move to Auburn. Son Andy and Pamela brought Lola (2) down from Atlanta to join daughter Betsy, Danny and their two Frances (17) and Ed (14) from Hampton, VA for a big football get together. Bill Dillard is almost hidden behind Fran in the picture. 

Now to as many leftover Christmas cards as I have room for.

Shirley Thomas - Still taking trips and cruises, including one over Christmas with several of the children.

Jack & Gen Hendry - Jack joined son Dave in KS to celebrate Dave's 51st. They plus Katy (20) and David (16) hunted pheasant.

Bob & Sheila Ehrlich - Still enjoying plays in NYC. Youngest grandson had his Bar Mitzvah. The older three all are graduating from high school and busy selecting colleges.

Bill & Sue Pogue - In Nov. visited daughter Tricia. Her husband Dean is senior pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Pasadena, TX. Their son Hunter is captain of the Stratford High football team. Daughter Susan still rescues Golden Retrievers for adoption, 14 so far.

Phyllis Johnson - Enjoying sunny warm AZ. No travel last year, just sharing the activities of the retirement community there.

Jack & Bev Mackmull - Spent Christmas at Topsail, NC with all the family: 12 adults and 5 dogs. First time in 10 years that all have been together. Had trips to Key West, Syracuse and Disney World. Now enjoying the retired life at IRCC in Melbourne, FL.

Hank Singleton - Visited Orlando and Cape Kennedy last Spring,Nashville in Sept. Then a Fall tour from Boston through the Canadian Maritimes, Nova Scotia and New Brunswisk.

Phil & Loral Bolte - Phil still is Chairman of the US Cavalry Assn. Went to Ft. Knox to help with the annual bivouac. Otherwise have had children and friends stop by to enjoy the lake there.

Mary Hardin Morrissey - The family is busy with real estate and tennis these days. Son George III took an exchange student from theCzech Republic, who went to school with grandson Devon.

Gladys Maladowitz - Daughter Lynne and her husband Jay leftGuantanamo, Cuba, for a new assignment at Ft. Meade, MD.Gladys took a Bermuda cruise then another through the Carribean, ending at Ft. Meade for Thanksgiving.

Joy Viskochil - Still settling in her new apartment near daughter Lani and granddaughter Abigail in Birmingham, AL. Sold her FL home in three days. Now enjoys the retirement community lifestyle.

Nate & Joan Gallagher - Joined the crowd moving to new smaller homes in retirement communities. Living on one floor has great appeal.

Mike & Barbara Dowe - Busy year adding family. Daughter Alexa married Barry Wilson in Sept. in La Jolla, CA. Then granddaughter Erin married Mike Joyce, before finishing her law degree and going on duty with the JAG. Nov. saw the latest grandchild when daughter Lisa added a girl Avery. Also grandson Mike Dowe is a cow this year at USMA.

John & Ann Wickham - Another classmate moves to a retirement community, this time in AZ, taking their Catalina Mountain view with them. Ann will continue her animal assisted therapy with “Spirit ” while John works on volunteer committees.

Reg & Sally Lombard - Sally visited the family home in eastern WA, then joined the Class mini on the Columbia River cruise. Also had a fine time with the Colonial Dames meeting at Gunston Hall,VA meeting Tillie Smithers and Jim & June Irons. Granddaughter Anna is completing a year in Sen. Susan Collins'office as well as finishing college.

Unfortunately we lost two wives recently. A note from Phil Donahue said the his wife Tess died  "a few months ago." I have no details, but Phil lives at 970 Wayne Dr., Winchester, VA 22601.

On 17 Jan. Jack Koehler's wife Helen died in Alex. VA. In addition to Jack she is survived by her children Alfred, Patricia, Elizabeth, Gerard, John, Joseph, Isaac, Bernadette, Mary, and Helen and eleven grandchildren.

Our sympathies go out to both these families.

Best wishes for a pleasant Spring.