February 2007 Class Column

Col. William B. DeGraf 
February 2007

2007 - Another year in which to excel! They do fly by. However, a couple of items from the past take us back. First is the article onJohn Trent is The Graybeards , the magazine of the Korean Veterans. The article was a nice mix of his great Army football career and of his death in Korea less than six months after graduation.

The second comes from Chandler Goodnow '51, an I-1 company mate. It is a picture of Al & Irene Flynn taken at their wedding in June 1950. Both are gone but anyone wishing the picture should contact me.

Speaking of I-1 there yet another link with the past. Robin and I had a lovely dinner with "Nim" Collins. She is the widow of "The Ace" tac of I-1 but known to all of ‘ 50. She is a delightful member of the community here at The Fairfax.

In Sept. the ANCC Town Club crew held their annual class party at the home of Dick & Jacque Trefry . As usual we got a good crowd, as you can see from the picture. Dick is on the right with the walker for his broken ankle. Thought I would include a picture of one of the smaller groups that formed for visits. L-to-R are Bev Monihan, Peg & Fred Haberman, Lou Lunn, Chuck Hayward , and Bob Lunn . The lovely Trefry home had lots of places for these groups to gather.

In Oct. it was CA for a class get together. Tom Sharp reported that nothing of great import was discussed but they had a good time and a chance to know each other better. The picture shows L-to-R Bill Waddell, John Best, Bill Miller, Tom , and Joe Shankle. Also enjoying the time were Jean Waddell, Bev Miller, Nancy Best , and Bonnie Sharp .

Another CA couple, Dick & Ann Leavitt , sent along such a good picture I had to include it. I don't know how those two always look so youthful.

Two of our bi-coastal couples met up in La Jolla, CA: Patty & Duncan Joy and Ann & John Streit . Not only do they spend time in CA, but they also have homes in VA. Must be a tough life. The Streits also have a home in FL.

Joy Viskochil sent word that she is still busy unpacking boxes but she is getting settled in her new apartment. She says it is lovely with a balcony for her bird feeders. Just has to get used to the new lunch and dinner hours.

As he did last year Joe Griffin went to West Point as part of the group of 110 combat veterans of all services to participate in the Veterans Panel sponsored by the Dept. of Military Instruction. That gave him a chance to visit with son Todd, who lives and works there.

On 26 Nov. Larry & Betty Wray Lodewick became great grandparents when Mackenzie Elizabeth Lodewick was born to Robert & Kimerbly. She weighed in at 7 pounds, 2 ounces.

Rose Genuario and her clan have been busy. She spent Thanksgiving at Wintergreen, VA with four of her six children plus grandchildren and great grandchildren. Daughter Debbie went out to Santa Fe, NM to be with her sister Chris and that family. Rose's grandson Jason Hart, who works for AOL and does our class web page, was in Bangalore, India. Rose also had two granddaughters graduate from VPI. Both are going on for their masters degrees in education.

Now on to the Christmas cards as space permits. Our thanks and best wishes to all that sent them.

Harry & JoJo Coyle - Spent Thanksgiving with daughter Debbie and her family in Boston. The rest of the family joined them in TX for the Christmas holidays.

Morris & Faith Herbert - Time to forget the football season, so they are off to HI for two weeks. Faith has never been there.

Andy & Doris Byers - Hopes The Imperfect Spy will become a movie. Meantime they are off for Christmas in Nassau and New Years aboard a cruise ship in the Caribbean.

Bill & Jean Waddell - Had a great trip to England, visiting cathedrals and battlefields. A trip to DC with grandson Keith also was full of history, followed by a 12 day sail to Santa Cruz Island.

Marilyn Hunt - Took granddaughter Jenny (Sherry's daughter) to West Point along with daughter Sue. Had a good visit with Morris & Faith Herbert . Herb was a good sport, putting up with a house full of women.

Warde & Dode Wheaton - Staying busy. Went to Seattle in April to see Susan & Mark, then to Oakland CA for a visit with Jim & Jesse. Dode dotes on her Women's Club, Warde on History Roundtable and Rotary.

Al & Bettie Crawford - Bettie is active in the Assistance League and a science group to support graduate students, plus tennis and bridge. Al is trying to restore the tennis courts both by labor and by fund raising. Interestingly their daughter Jennifer was inducted into the Stanford Rugby Hall of Fame, the first woman so honored.

Tom Strider - It was a traveling year reaching from PA to HI to Panama. In Panama he was amazed by the great improvements in the area, even in his beloved San Blas Islands. Along the way he managed to visit with Dick Lewandowski Howard Blanchard,and Dick & Carol Steuart .

Bob & Gwyn Groseclose - Moved to Springfield, MO in August and just had their first snow, something they did not have in FL. They are busy with their new church, duplicate bridge, some bingo and trips to Branson to see the shows. They report that Jack Morrison, son of Bob & Martha Morrison and who is married to the Grosecloses' daughter Nancy, had retired from the FBI to work with missionaries.

Clyde & Marilyn Spence - Off to AK to celebrate their 51 th and will be in Hampton VA with Kevin and family for Christmas. The rest of the children will join them there. Clyde still works on veterans affairs while Marilyn is deep into genealogy, particularly with the Colonial Dames.

Bruce & Barbara Petree - Had several good trips to see their children, including one to Colorado Springs, CO to see Mark retire from the Army and another to visit with Cathy and Todd and their families in the DC area. Damarascotta, ME cured their seasonal woes, but then eating lobster "will improve anyone's outlook."

Norris & Jane Harrell - Had a cruise to the Baltic in July and a trip to VA to celebrate Becky's birthday in Nov. In Dec it was Salt Lake City to celebrate Norris' 80 th and Cliff's return from his second tour in Iraq.

Tom & Jinny Loper - Had their first great grandson in March and a second in Oct. just before heading to Jasper, CA for time in a cabin on the lake, complete with black bear.

Stan & Sally Reinhart - For Thanksgiving they had 21 for their first family reunion in seven years, this time held at Disney World. Then in Nov. they moved into their "permanent" patio home at Fleets Landing, adjoining Art & Barbara Blair .

All the space I think I can take for this round. More next time.

Unfortunately there are two deaths to report. One occurred 21 Oct 2005 when Ann Henning died. She was Frank's widow. She is survived by their daughter Carol Snyder, 1121 Beulah Church Rd, Carrollton, GA 30117.

Then on 15 Oct this year Callie McDowell, Bill's widow, died suddenly of unknown causes in Tampa, FL. She is survived by a son Kenneth and two daughters, Rebecca Angel and Jackie McNamee.

Our sympathies go to both these familes.

Spring is just around the corner, so here's to a great 2007.