March 2013 Class Notes

Col. William B. DeGraf
March 2013

Here it is March and Spring is just around the corner. Still I have a lot of news and Christmas cards to share with you.

On 2 January Andy Byers married Milly Jacobs in the Tropicana Hotel Casino in Las Vegas. Their reception was delayed until the 25th so they could host more than 100 people at the club at IRCC.

At Christmas time Paul & Betsy Ache and their entire family gathered in Houston for the wedding of one of their grandsons and then celebrated the New Year with the traditional black eyed peas, cabbage, and corn bread. While they were there Betsy took a picture with her husband Paul, Bill Yeoman, and John Shelley. They all look great.

On the new USAF BG selection list is Pat & Martha Zabel's daughter Sarah USAFA '87. She specializes in Cyber Warfare, a hot topic today, and has just completed a tour as a base commander in Utah.

Russ & Pris Glenn, together with their dog Gin Gin, obviously are enjoying their life in Sandy Springs. Their grandchildren are spread all over. Russell in May got his PhD in Asian and Middle East Studies from Cambridge Univ. in England, while Drew now has his Masters from the University of New South Wales, Australia. Robert is in Maine, while Jessica is in Oregon, and Nikki is at the College of Charleston.

Jack & Louise Wagner's grandson William C. Billings, who is a 2009 graduate of the US Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, is now serving as a Lt.(jg) in the Seventh Fleet in Japan. He has been selected for an Ohmsted Foundation Fellowship, a two year study program at the University of Shanghai. He studied Chinese In high school, plus the Navy will send him to Monterey for language training.

Scotty Wilson, Ardath's daughter, has written a book about the rescue of the POWs at Cabanatuan Prison Camp in the Philippines. Her grandfather was a POW there. She sent a copy to Eddie Ramos who responded with a lovely note and some of his books and an autographed calendar.

When she sent along the news to me, she also included this picture of her sister Kelly and her family. Quite a crowd.

Vin Hirsch, while traveling in the Philippines, had a visit with Eddie Ramos in Manila. Vin just dropped in to see him and had a good chat with him.

John Wickham sent along a picture taken of Ann with the then acting first lady of South Korea, Park Guen Hye, whose father was president. Now she has been elected as the first woman president of South Korea. At the time of the picture John was the commander of UN forces in Korea.

In January John & Eileen Jones, after visiting their daughter Victoria and her family in Atlanta, joined up with Sid & Jeanie Steele and Hank Singleton at the Lanier Retirement Community in Gainesville, GA. The Joneses are on the left and Hank on the right.

For the fifth straight year John Begley has been honored as the oldest living grad at the San Francisco West Point Society Founders Day dinner. Can't think of a better speaker out there.


Fran Pick Dillard and her husband Bill continue to enjoy their busy life in Auburn AL, as you can see from the picture. Fran says that the Cary Pick home she donated to Auburn University is getting a lot of use as the Cary Center for the Advancement of Philanthropy and Non Profit Studies. Fran also has conveyed land to the city for a school to be known as Pick Elementary.


John & Ann Streit, along with their daughter Laurie and her husband Bruce Bradford, were at the graduation of the Streits' grandson Zack Bradford USAFA '12 from the NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training Course at Sheppard AFB. John pinned on the new wings. Zach received the award for top academic achievement in his class.

On Christmas Day Lou Prentiss had his 85th birthday with two kids, two grandkids with spouses, and two great grandkids all in attendance. Then it was off to Steamboat Springs CO for a couple of months of skiing. Great to do that at 85.

Jack Hendry writes that he and Gen are continuing to enjoy their home of the past thirty five years at Rancho Bernardo, "the best planned community in the US." Chuck & Diane Friedlander live not far away, while Dahl Hubbard is in nearby Gateway Gardens.

The Hendrys' big news is the marriage in January of their son Dave to a widow Karin whom they all have known since Jack was stationed at the Presidio in San Francisco in the 70s.

Lish Lee Beaver is finding a busy life in SC and is very grateful that Jim & Patti Kelly are just down the street in the same community. Jim plays golf occasionally, while Lish and Patti do aerobics and PEO together. Lish's granddaughter Katie and her husband Maj. Glenn Huss stopped by Enroute to Ft. Belvoir.

John & Ann Howard - Their family now has nine grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren with another due soon. One grandson is now a Navy Chaplain with a Marine Air Wing in CA.

In February Tom Sharp had a nice visit with our ex-classmate Chris Chandler. Cris was on his way to take the train ride along the CA coast. He has retired from doing radio and TV interviews, sports announcing and news broadcasts, including interviews with Elvis Presley and John Wayne.


Mike & Barbara Dowe - Granddaughter Erin gave them a great grandson Conall William in November. Earlier they took their Texas crowd to a holiday on Waikiki Beach.

Phil Bolte - Still walking two miles each day plus swimming in the new indoor pool at Redstone Village. Also still Chairman of the US Cavalry Assn, probably for life. His big interest is getting an MA in Military History from Norwich University on line.

Pat & Elaine Wilson - Took cruises to the Panama Canal and another to Tahiti. Also had "a few final gun and jewelry shows."

Sally Lombard - Granddaughter Anna McGeachey won "Best Female Vocalist" for the Portland ME Phoenix Best Music Poll. She released a record in June. In 2012 Sally drove to FL with Tilly Smithers and Chuck Watters, visiting a trail of Class of '50 friends along the way.

Rosalie Lange - Still painting and busy at Walloon Lake. Grandson Wells Lange will graduate from West Point with the Class of '13.

Joan Gallagher - In December attended the graduation and commissioning in the Navy of her grandson. In October she found a lively puppy called Molly that she says is a gem.

Clyde & Mary Spence - Had a trip to China, another to Antietam Battlefield, plus frequent trips to OK to visit Mary's family.

Joy Viskochil - Normally plays golf three times a week in the "Hit and Giggle" group, which includes Ben Lewis, Pete Todsen, and Hooper Adams. She adds to that bridge, block parties, bike riding and shopping.

Bruce & Barbara Petree - Are settling in well at Ashby Ponds retirement community in Northern VA. Drove to Newport, RI for the graduation from nursing school of granddaughter Rachel.

Al & Bettie Crawford - Enjoying their new home at Sagewood retirement community in Phoenix, AZ. They added twin great grandsons, born to their grandchildren the Richardsons, who live nearby.

Frank & Dede King - Frank realized a life long dream with a trip around Cape Horn with his son Charles. Granddaughter Emily became a warrant officer in the Hawaii National Guard, where she is a helicopter pilot.

Bill & Lynn Schwoob - Enjoying all the activities at Carlyle Place, a retirement community in Macon, GA. Lynn swims three days a week, while Bill walks the dog twice a day. He also bowls in the WII bowling league, which he says is very close to the real thing.


Norm Hubbard died on 19 December 2012. He is survived by his wife Dahl, a daughter Ann and two sons: Jerry and Joseph. Dahl lives in Poway, CA.

Mary Lois Wheatley, Jack's wife died on 4 January. She is survived by Jack, three daughters - Victoria, Elizabeth, and Mary Margaret, - and three sons - John, Robert, and Charles. Jack lives in Salt Lake City, UT.

Dean Schnoor died 8 January. He is survived by his wife Joyce, six sons - Rick, Randy, Chris, Jeff, and Greg - three daughters - Sara, Lisa and Julie - and two stepchildren - Wanda and Mike. Joyce lives in Milton, FL.

Helga Rupple, Lindsay's widow, died 18 January. She is survived by their three daughters: Petra, Renee, and Silvie.

Bob O'Connell died 2 February. He is survived by his wife Sue, two daughters - Beverly and Mary Bridget - and three sons - Michael, Mark, and Robert Jr. Sue lives in Alexandria, VA.

Bob Edwards died 13 February. He is survived by a daughter Gail and two sons: Kenneth and Bruce.

Ken Moll died 21 February. He is survived by his wife Marilyn, son Kevin and daughter Nancy. Marilyn lives in Ft. Belvoir, VA.

Martie Lunger, Dick's wife died 27 February. She is survived by Dick and two sons: Ray and Jay. Dick lives in Norman, OK.

Anne Sampson, Don's widow, died 2 March. She is survived by five stepchildren: Michael, Kathy, Elizabeth, Patricia, and Julie.

We all send our sympathies to these families.

We are looking forward to the coming Spring with the cherry blossoms right outside our window