December 2012 Class Notes

Col. William B. DeGraf
December 2012

Christmas is here. I delayed these notes a little in order to get news from cards, since not many have sent in anything.

Our numbers are growing slowly. Some time back Win Skelton joined Ken & Marilyn Moll, Joan Scandling Pimentel, Larry & Jo Jackley, Ray & Peg Singer, as well as the two of us. This year we added Rufe Smith. In January we are expecting Duncan & Patti Joy to become part of the group here. We have a Class of '50 table in the Dining Room each Saturday night.

The monthly Class Lunch (every last Wednesday) and Class Bridge (every third Thursday) will now be held at The Fairfax.

The Tampa Yacht and Country Club was the venue for Emmett & Rowland Lee to host Dick & Ruth Newton for the celebration. By their grins I suspect it was a great time.

Out in Richmond Cloyce & Joan Mangas had their sons, Tom, Lee, David, and Ron, with their wives for the holiday, along with grandsons Whitney and Alex. Cloyce & Joan have been living in the same house for thirty years now.

Recently a group of graduates that monitors the internet for USMA class rings purchased George's ring. Since George never married and had no dependents, the ring was donated to the USMA Museum.

His wife Karin arranged a celebration on the island of Kauai in the Hawaiian Islands. They were joined there by his daughter Celia and some friends from Boise. Tough place for a birthday party. Daughter Connie works at the State Dept. and only recently returned from Pakistan, so she could not make it.

Joe's party was held at Abington Manor in Latta, SC. His sons attended, Joe, jr from ID and Todd from NY.

After many years in CA, Al decided to be near his youngest daughter Charlene. He moved into a community called Querencia. New address is Room 335, Querencia, 2500 Barton Creek Blvd., Austin, TX 78735.

Rose & Lou's son Louis and his wife Laura gave away their lovely daughter Rosemary to Geoff Wilson on 31 March 2012.

Got this picture from Bill & Sue Pogue recently. I count six dogs in the picture. Not all belong to Bill & Sue. Seems their kids brought along four of the dogs.

Bill & Jean seem to have spent the year in motion. One trip was a winter one to Death Valley, where they swam in 72 degree pools and played golf below sea level. Next was an eleven day cruise along the West Coast of CA and Mexico. In October it was off to Maui for more golf and swimming. Last was the family reunion in San Luis Obispo, CA at their son Dick's home with eighteen present. Missing was a 6'4" redheaded grandson, who was being much photographed in Beijing.

Jim Wallace's widow Bobbie lives at Vinson Hall in Arlington, VA. She is quite an accomplished author, primarily of children's books but also of mysteries. Two books have received the Edgar Award for Mystery Writers. She has many books to her credit. For those interested she has a web site

Dave has been recognized for his work in wireless technologies, principally for his work under the National Science Foundation. In a newly published book "Hedy's Folly," about Hedy Lamarr's contribution to the WWII war effort and to modern internet technologies, Dave's discovery of Hedy's patent and her contributions played a key role in getting her international recognition.

Bill MacLachlan's widow Shirley sent a message that their daughter Sandra married Todd Lapka on 11 August in Libby, MT. Sandra's four brothers walked her down the aisle. Bill's ring was tied to her bouquet and the wedding cake was cut with his sword.


Jim & Ann Tormey - Hurricane Sandy passed them by but a tornado in June did a lot of tree damage. Also they have added another family member: a Brittany Spaniel named "Freckles."

John & Ann Howard - Their family now has nine grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren with another due soon. One grandson is now a Navy Chaplain with a Marine Air Wing in CA.

Jake & Ann Jacobson - Early in the year they spent a few days with their daughter Marie in Winter Park, FL. Enroute they had a lunch in Melbourne with Andy Byers, the Wards, the Stapletons, and the Lewises. A side trip to Cape Coral brought a visit with Mort Ray. They traveled to see granddaughter Dana dance with the NYC Ballet and granddaughter Kirsten graduate from Harvard.

John & Ann Wickham - They now have six Eagle Scouts in the family. Grandson Billy graduated from medical school and is now a Capt., MC, USA. Granddaughter Jessie is studying Chinese at Beijing University and will be commissioned through ROTC.

Volney & Janice Warner - Slowing down at home and at work, but managed two trips to West Point, a pheasant hunt in SD, and a reunion at Myrtle Beach, SC of Co. L, 21st Infantry from Korean War days.

Carm & Barb Milia - Enjoying life with their family, including eleven grandchildren. Carm still plays golf, tennis and racquetball (I'm envious), while Barb does aerobics and volunteer work.

Bill & Lynn Schwoob - They have settled into a very comfortable life at Carlyle Place, a retirement community in Macon, GA with all its facilities and activities. All their family lives within a three and a half hours drive. Their big event was a trip to St. George Island off Florida's gulf coast.

Al & Bette Griebling - Their four have given them nine grandchildren and seven great grandchildren with two more due early next year. As a result they have half a dozen parties each year to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays. Al says that Bette still makes her favorite thing for dinner - a reservation.

Chuck Graham wrote about the funeral for Bennie. In addition to Chuck & Alice, Dick & Marie Drury, Deck & Maxine Weight, Bill Mastoris, and Ann Smith (Don's widow) all attended. Bennie's sons spoke of his influence on their lives and how he instilled a sense of service in them.


David B. (DB) King died 20 Sept. He is survived by his wife Eleanor, a son Bryant, and two daughters: Libby and Mary. Eleanor lives in St. Joseph, MO.

Bennie Davis died 21 Sept. He is survived by his second wife Yvonne and his two sons: Jim and Tom.

Bill Daugherty's widow Lu Ann died in Los Altos, CA on 27 Sept. She is survived by a son Bill and three daughters: Patricia, Ann, and Sharon.

Joe Griffin's former wife Elizabeth died 29 Sept. She is survived by their two sons Joe and Earl. Joe lives in Latta, SC.

Ray Barry's widow Marge died 12 Oct. in Highlands Ranch, CO. She is survived by their daughter Paula.

Claude Doughtie's widow Maureen died 18 Oct. in Kailua, HI. She is survived by their daughters Maureen and Sharon.

Pete Farrell's widow Joan died in Richmond, VA on 30 Oct. She is survived by a daughter and two sons.

Bob Whiting's wife Marion died 4 Dec. In addition to Bob, she is survived by a daughter Judy and two sons, Rob and Tom. Bob lives in Universal City, TX.

Joan Scandling Pimental's second husband Frank '52 died 5 Dec. Joan lives in Ft. Belvoir, VA.

Jim Irons' wife June died 9 Dec. In addition to Jim, she is survived by two daughters Connie and Melanie and a son Jon. Jim lives in Reston, VA.

Hank Strickland died 20 Dec. He is survived by his wife Muriel, two daughters - Mary and Beth - and two sons - Steve and Mike. Muriel lives in Falls Church, VA.

We all send our sympathies to these families.

As we enter 2013 may we all enjoy our families and our friends and be glad we live in such a great country.