September 2012 Class Notes

Col. William B. DeGraf   

Time for another Class Notes. Be sure to send me items of interest about you and your families. I cannot print what I do not know.

I recently got this picture of Ed Kennedy still able to get into his uniform. Looks mighty good, but I surely cannot still wear mine. The picture shows him with his grandson Cpt. David Kennedy '08 at David's wedding in the Infantry Chapel at Fort Benning, where David is assigned to the Ranger Training Brigade.

Ed Kennedy with his grandson Cpt. David Kennedy '08 

Jim & Karin Thompson recently visited their grandson Chris in New York City, where Chris is working on a new subway design running up 3rd Ave. to Harlem. Chris must have Jim's engineering genes.

That is the name that Al & Bettie Crawford have given their new abode in a Phoenix, AR retirement community called Sagewood. They got most of the boxes unpacked before heading out to their summer home in NE Arizona. Sounds like a very nice life!

This just in. Pat Navarro is the recipient of the 2012 James Kling Fellowship Award, established by the American Institute of Architects - Master Builders' Assn. Joint Committee to recognize those who best exemplify collaboration between design and construction professions.

Enroute to CA John & Ann Streit spent a couple of days in San Antonio, giving them a chance to see both Bob & Marion Whiting and Dick & Anne Leavitt. John reports that all were doing well. He also told me that I had misspelled the name of his grandson who recently graduated from USAFA. It should have been Zack Bradford.

Russ Glenn's grandfather came down to the US from Nova Scotia, so Russ & Priscilla drove up there this summer to try hunting down some of Russ's relatives. Seems that the records in the area were destroyed by a fire.

Each year for the last several years Emmett & Rowland Lee have celebrated joint wedding anniversaries with Dick & Ruth Newton. This year was no exception. In the picture the Lees are on your left. Although delayed by Tropical Storm Debbie, they all met at the St. Pete Yacht Club in June. Such a great tradition!

 Emmett & Rowland Lee with Dick & Ruth Newton

Mike DeArmond's five daughters

Mike DeArmond must be proud of his five daughters for the tribute they paid him at his funeral. Classmates came from as far away as TX. The Koran Room at Ft. Myer was filled for the reception. I was taken by this photo of Mike with his daughters: Cathy, Mary, Patty, Therese, and Anna.

Chuck & Alice Graham had a twenty day trip, starting with four days in Switzerland, touring the Rhine River to Koblenz, then up the Mosel to Trier, on to Luxemburg City, then through Holland to Antwerp, Belgium. Should have been delightful and as Chuck said "cooler than TX." Chuck also reported on a visit with Al Fern, newly moved from San Diego, CA into an assisted living facility in Austin, TX to be near his two younger daughters

Dick & Ruth Newton had a real family get together recently when one of their granddaughters Beth got married at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club on Kent Island, MD. She is Dick Jr's older daughter. Dick Jr you will remember addressed the class at both the 55th and 60th Reunions. He recently retired from the Air Force as a LtG and is returning to the DC area as Executive Director of the Air Force Assn. In the picture Dick is on your right with Ruth the second one over in silver.

From the wedding of Dick & Ruth Newton's granddaughter.

On 6 June Ed & Marcy West celebrated their 62nd. They have joined the ranks of great grandparents with an arrival last Thanksgiving. Ed is having success with his composting company. The firm had a recent dedication with the local Congressman and the Boca Raton mayor doing the ribbon cutting.


Barbara Hayward, Chuck's widow, died on 11 June in Arlington, VA. She is survived by three daughters- Patricia, Laura, and Linda - and three sons - John, Paul, and Lee.

Sue Davis, Bill's widow, died 16 June. She is survived by a son Bill Jr. and a daughter Debbie.

Bob Lunn died on 18 June at Walter Reed. He is survived by his wife Louise, a daughter Robin, and two sons: Robert and Sean. Lou lives at 1726 Abbey Oak Dr., Vienna, VA 22182-1901.

Larry Birk died on 23 June in Dumfries, VA. He is survived by his wife Margarita, a daughter Linda, and two sons: David and Lawrence. Maggie lives at 15976 Cove Lane, Dumfries, VA 22026-1413.

Nancy Smith, Rufe's wife, died 28 June in Annandale, VA. She is survived by Rufe, three daughters - Carolyn, Dana, and Alison - and two sons - Charles and Gregg. Rufe can be reached at 9160 Belvoir Woods Pkwy #220, Ft.Belvoir, VA 22060.

Frank Baish died 30 June in Corpus Christi, TX. He survived by his wife Jeanne, five daughters - Kathleen, Theresa, Patricia, Mary, and Sheila - and two sons - Chip and Bill. Jeanne lives at 450 Chase Dr., Corpus Christi, TX 78412-2335.

Andree Dreisonstok, Toady's widow, died 13 July in Atlantic Beach, FL. She is survived by two step-daughters: Terri and Peach.

Ross Franklin died 18 July at home in Pensacola, FL. He is survived by his wife Nancy, a son Daniel, and a daughter Jennifer. Nancy can be reach at 12198 Longwood Dr., Pensacola, FL 32507-9638.

Lou Hansotte died 28 July in San Diego, CA. His wife Wilma died in 2006. He is survived by a daughter Beth and a son Jeff.

Jack Roehm died 4 August in Georgetown, TX. He is survived by his wife Nancy, two sons - John and David - and two daughters - Vicky and Melissa. Nancy lives at 294 Red Poppy Trail, Georgetown, TX 78633.

We all send our sympathies to these families.

We are looking forward to a lovely Fall and the coming holiday season.